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If in doubt, look up the noun. I'll get a sandwich in town where did you get the petrol? I tried to get the blood off my shirt intenté quitar la sangre de mi camisa get the knife off him! I couldn't get the stain out of the tablecloth no podía limpiar la mancha del mantel to get sth past customs conseguir pasar algo por la aduana we'll get you there somehow le llevaremos de una u otra manera we can't get it through the door no lo podemos pasar por la puerta to get sth to sb hacer llegar algo a algn can you get it to me by this evening? Look up the relevant adjective. Arregalr is used when you are getting your self ready to go out get dressed,etc. Cristina I got the children ready to go out to get the dinner ready to get the soil ready for planting I had plenty of time to get myself ready to go out have you got your notes ready for the interview?

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